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21 Chump Street

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21 Chump Street is a 15-minute musical adaptation of a This American Life story. It is a love story, a tragedy, and a lesson in right and wrong. To mimic the real story, the Narrator’s space existed separately from the story-telling space, allowing her to always observe without participating and for Justin to weave in-and-out of storytelling and participating. The ensemble supplemented the action as other characters and choreographic representations of the other character’s emotional stakes.

Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Based on This American Life

Director: Ryan Dobrin
Choreographer: Henry Lombino
Music Director: Phillip Heilbron

Stage Manager: Natalie May
Sound Design: Annee Barrett
Set Design: Nicole Boyd
Hair & Make-Up Design: Tekla Monson
Props Design: Ilana Newman
Light Design: Elli Scharlin
Costume Design: Alina Whatley

Ensemble: Caroline Adams, Diana Dominguez, Daphne Gampel, Eury German, Shana Laski, Kai Magee, Marcos Plaud Rivera, Jordan Roe

Photos by Sifana Sohail

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